Why the content of fiber components is not qualified as a "stubborn disease" of textile products

2017-12-14 06:12:16 admin read 149

Fiber content is a basic quality factor that determines the comfort and health of a garment. In recent years, it has become the primary factor that many textiles cannot pass quality sampling activities. According to professionals, clothing fabrics of cotton, wool and other raw materials were reduced by 10% or more, consumers generally difficult to identify, comfort degree of difference is not large, but for the production enterprises, the production cost difference is great. So, what exactly is this?

Analysis of target detection of textiles test personnel, resulting in unqualified reasons, one is the enterprise did not establish good raw material inspection system, lack of control mechanism and effective means of material procurement; two is the enterprise lack of professional personnel and testing equipment to detect the content of fiber, without direct detection, fake data fiber content labeling; three is the enterprise directly to the fabric fiber content providers marked up, the actual detected component is not consistent with the annotation; four is wrong in some enterprises that fiber content, also deliberately hit a fiber content, so that the goods sold, and the new fiber content is high, the price is generally high.

"Of course, consumers need not worry, because the domestic textile inspection institutions can become the first line of defense for product production, and they will not give qualified testing certificates and certification certificates to disqualified products and their production enterprises". As for Kebiao detection, the detection and analysis of fiber has many years of experience, not only ASTM, AATCC, ISO, according to the EN standards for the introduction of the equipment and technical team, also including the construction of color fastness, dimensional stability, appearance of long, almost all test items, is approved by the state authority of the third party detection mechanism.

Fiber content is one of the important quality indicators of clothing products, and it is also one of the important factors determining product value. Consumers often choose products according to the content of fiber. It is very important to master the necessary purchase and purchase of common sense.

1. first choice of large brand enterprises and well-known brands, relatively speaking, large enterprises have strong self-management ability, high sampling rate and high credibility.

2. look at the content of the label, product name, factory name site, fiber content, washing maintenance methods and other correct compliance.

3. at the time of purchase, pay attention to whether the product is sour, pungent or pungent odor is not normal. If there is, try not to buy the product.

4., check whether there are signs of fracture or breakage of stitches or stitches. If there is a problem in the production of sewing needles, some parts of the yarn will be broken, resulting in the subsequent phenomenon of coil debinding, which is a serious defect.

5. do not blindly pursue high price products. Because knitted underwear products are products that are priced open, their product pricing is mostly based on target consumers, so the price discrepancy between big brands and small brands can not fully reflect the quality gap.